KLIK Box Summit 2021 - Sponsors

Mention KLIK Box when contacting Olsam, and get your FBA business evaluated.

Founded by ex-Amazonians for Amazon Sellers, Olsam is a European consumer goods company that acquires and scales category leading Amazon FBA brands sold across global marketplaces. We have started and sold our own brands with the Amazon Choice badge and thousands of 5 star reviews, and we have over 20 years of e-commerce experience working for Amazon’s marketplace team, managing the UK and Europe’s largest FBA Brands. Believing that brands should be built for the long-term, we want to be the first point of contact for any Amazon FBA operators that are looking to sell their businesses and see their brands go to the next level. 

KLIK Box Summit attendees can claim Serious Seller Bundle, which includes 14-day free trial, discounted 1 Year ZonGuru Seller Plan and more.

ZonGuru provides an all-in-one toolsuite, perfect for all of your Amazon business needs. With state of the art product research, optimization, and automation tools - they cater to all aspects of your Amazon journey. Along with a world class toolsuite, ZonGuru has a dedicated team of customer success agents to help you along the way, as well as weekly trainings & monthly webinars.

ZonGuru was built by Amazon Sellers to help optimize your business for sales, profits and customers. Every tool has been built through the lense of “business owners” to ensure they provide the right information that will really make a difference to your business.

KLIK Box Summit participants are eligible to get $400 in free FBA reimbursements.

GETIDA is an FBA auditing company, authorized on the Amazon AppStore, and specializes in maximizing FBA reimbursements for Amazon sellers of all sizes. Many FBA claims can be missed by sellers and other companies due to the complexity of reconciling Amazon's data, and the depth levels such a process can require. GETIDA also handles complex claims like overcharged Pick and Pack fees. On average, GETIDA can recover about 1%-3% of sellers' annual FBA revenue, even for sellers who already audited their accounts.